Doctors: Include videos in your “wishlist” emails

best practicesThanks to Dr. Samuel Shatkin of Buffalo (Amherst), NY for suggesting one of our newest features! Grow your engagement with consumers who submit a wishlist by allowing them to watch videos of your choosing.


Every wishlist a consumer receives can include a promotional video that highlights your practice or facility. But even better, you can also include videos that discuss specific procedures. So if you include one of your YouTube videos about a procedure or service on the Procedure Detail page in the BuildMyBod Health Provider Portal, the consumer will see a link for that video in their wishlist email when they use the Price Estimator to check pricing on that same procedure.


How to link videos to your wishlists



The GIF above shows how you can include video links to promote your practice and a procedure. This is a great way to continue to engage potential patients even after they receive the requested pricing information. As an added benefit to the doctor, each time a consumer clicks on one of the links, you’ll know based on the link tracker in the backend.


If you’re a provider and want to request an account, click here. You’re a patient that wants to check pricing on services from a doctor near you? Click here. For questions, contact BuildMyBod at



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