SurgiSculpting® – CoolSculpting after Surgery!

coolsculptingIt’s official, we have our trademark for SurgiSculpting®! Don’t know what that is and how it’s different from CoolSculpting? Well, prepare to be schooled!


After any surgical procedure, you are taken to the recovery room to, well, recover. The first few minutes are critical to be sure you’re waking up and comfortable. But after those initial minutes, you’re mostly just laying there, bored, waiting to go home. This is especially true for cosmetic surgery. While any type of surgery is still serious on some level, cosmetic surgery usually allows for a quick recovery. So don’t just lay there, multi-task!


That’s why we invented SurgiSculpting®. With SurgiSculpting®, you can initially recover in the recovery room after cosmetic surgery but once you’re stable you can move to our very comfortable CoolSculpting room. CoolSculpting is a machine that freezes stubborn pockets of fat to the abdomen, flanks thighs or arms. It’s totally non-surgical and has no downtime. You just lay there and let your fat get frozen away. Check your email or take a conference call. It’s that easy. If the doctor has two CoolSculpting machines, you can receive DualSculpting which allows for treatment of twice the fat in half the time.


If you have more than a few stubborn pockets of fat, then you can consider getting liposuction at the same time as the other cosmetic procedure you’re undergoing. But if you’re getting an upper and lower eyelid lift and don’t need “full-on” liposuction, then recover in the CoolSculpting room with SurgiSculpting®


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