Breast Augmentation and Lift via GoPro

breast augmentationIf you’ve been following our blog, you’ll see that we’re now able to educate patients on various surgical procedures using the GoPro head-mounted camera. Today’s installment is for a breast augmentation and lift as part of a Mommy Makeover.


Last week, we performed a couple Mommy Makeovers in our in-office accredited operating room. And that was lucky for us because just as the GoPro battery died halfway through the breast augmentation, we were able to pick up the necessary footage with our other Mommy Makeover 3 days later! While they were different patients, we were doing the same type of breast augmentation and lift.


In both of these patients, they had a minimal about of breast droop, but enough where an implant alone wouldn’t give them the lift they were seeking. For that reason, we had to remove excess skin for the lift portion of the procedure but in both cases, they only needed excess skin removed from around the areola. This has various names but the simplest way to remember it is by calling it a peri-areolar lift.


This means that the only skin removed during the procedure is from around the areola. The beauty of this procedure is that the scar is very well hidden and you can place the implant through this same incision. Still don’t understand how we lift the breast by only removing skin from around the areola? Watch this video below to have all of your questions answered.


Video of Breast Augmentation and Lift via GoPro


Hope you enjoy the video and if you want pricing information for this and other cosmetic procedures from a plastic surgeon near you, click here.



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