Using price transparency in bariatric surgery – Dr. Christopher Ibikunle

bariatric surgery

bariatric surgery

While plastic surgeons may have made price transparency sexy, non-cosmetic doctors that have insurance-based practices can also utilize this concept. Price transparency can engage the consumer, generate leads and reduce sticker shock. In the process, price transparency can help separate a practice from the competition as Dr. Ibikunle describes in the video below.


But before you watch the video, check out how he uses a Price Estimator for his multi-specialty clinic in Georgia. The consumer can check pricing on bariatric services, cosmetic services and gynecological services.


Video testimonial from Georgia SurgiCare Dr. Ibikunle


To learn more about using a Price Estimator to generate leads and engage consumers, you can read more here.


And if you’re a doctor who wants to be on the leading edge of customer service and practice management, click here to find out how.



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