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I recently read a blog post on the MyAdvice website regarding 5 tips to boost Google results. If you’re looking for good website SEO recommendations, MyAdvice is really excellent. But in full disclosure, I think their page is full of great information mostly because they’re espousing viewpoints I agree with wholeheartedly! In fact, every recommendation they make in the aforementioned post (summarized below), aligns perfectly with all of the benefits of the BuildMyBod Price Transparency & Lead Generation platform.


1.) Increase Page Duration and Dwell Time

According to MyAdvice, “by increasing the amount of time a visitor spends on a target page, you can increase the value of that page, its rankings, as well as the overall time spent on your website.”


I’m sure MyAdvice has recommendations on how to keep folks on your website longer, but here’s the right and simple answer. Send them to your Pricing page. No matter who is searching, when it comes to healthcare, everyone wants to know the cost of a procedure. But don’t just list your pricing as a menu. As mentioned here, that’s dumb AF.


Place a Price Estimator on your Pricing page. With a price estimator, the consumer chooses the procedures or services of interest and adds them to a “wishlist.” But to see the cost, they must submit that wishlist along with their contact info. The consumer then receives an instant, automated email with a breakdown of costs, thus experiencing a feeling of instant gratification. In turn the doctor or practice or facility receives the consumer’s contact info, a lead for follow up.


Through two website reviews, a Price Estimator on a Pricing page will succeed in keeping more people on your website. On Dr. Kaplan’s website, here, a Price Estimator kept traffic on the site twice as long: 3.43 minutes with a Price Estimator vs 1.63 minutes without a Price Estimator. They also browsed 33% more pages upon arrival to the website.


Dr. Bradley Hubbard, a plastic surgeon in Dallas did a similar website review with his Pricing page. Dr. Hubbard found that his most trafficked page was his landing page. His Pricing page had the 3rd most traffic. But when he looked at how much time consumers were spending on various pages, the Pricing page was #1! So while the landing page was the most trafficked, consumers stayed on that page for less than 30 seconds. In contrast, consumers stayed on the Pricing page the longest – for 205 seconds. Nuff said.


2.) Reduce Bounce Rates

According to MyAdvice, “A bounce is a visitor that comes to your website and without spending much time or clicking to other pages, leave your website…high bounce rates can affect your behavior signals.” A Price Estimator on a Pricing page has similar positive results on reducing bounce rates.


Based on Dr. Kaplan’s website review, consumers were twice as likely to stay on his website, specifically his Pricing page. The bounce rate dropped from 61% to 36% when consumers were mesmerized by a Price Estimator.


3.) Generate Return Visitors

“An important behavioral signal that sends Google the message that your website and pages have credible value is attracting return visitors. Google Analytics tracks new and returning visitors and a general guideline is the 80/20 rule: 80 percent new visitors and 20 percent return visitors.” – MyAdvice


It’s fairly common knowledge that consumers need time to make a decision when it comes to healthcare. That means they may return to your website repeatedly over the course of that decision-making process.


But wouldn’t it be nice to know each time they returned to your website? If you knew they were visiting, it could give your office staff another opportunity to reach out and see if they had any follow up questions.


When consumers use a Price Estimator to submit a “wishlist” to check pricing, the doctor is alerted because a lead is generated. Dr. Kaplan found that when consumers submit three or more wishlists to check various procedure combinations or to see if prices have changed, the consumer submitted those wishlists on average, 41.4 days apart.


So yes, they returned to the website. We know that happens. But because they submitted a wishlist, we were aware of “their return,” giving us another touch point to reach out.


Another easy way to get consumers to come back to your website is communicating through email marketing. A Price Estimator will generate the most leads through your website. Sure, not all of those people will come in for a consult, but it’s a great way to passively grow your email marketing database. And when you send out an email newsletter at least once per month, you’ll generate return traffic in the process.


4.) Don’t Scare Visitors Off; Pull Them In!

By now, we’ve clearly established that we need enticing information to get consumers there in the first place, stay for a while and return again and again.


According to MyAdvice, “Pull visitors in by addressing the obvious (pricing) – The most obvious question that visitors have, yet the vast majority of websites avoid pricing. By creating calls-to-action addressing the pricing question, you communicate that it is okay to request cost and you are confident in your pricing structure. We all know they are going to ask about it anyway, so why not “call the elephant in the room” and utilize the most obvious engagement topic?”


Pricing is the most tantalizing morsel of information that consumers can’t find. Sure they can find an average US price for a tummy tuck. But the only way they’re going to find out how much a specific physician charges for a specific procedure is if the physician tells them. So do it in an automated way that generates a lead in the process.


5.) Increase Conversions

As MyAdvice explains, “Google can recognize when conversion actions (newsletter requests, downloads, form submissions, chat engagements, click-to-call links, etc.) are taken and rewards websites that consumers trust enough to take the next step.”


Your web developer can link your BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator to your Google Analytics account. This way, every time someone summits a wishlist, Google is made aware of that conversion. And it’s also a great way to see the referring website that brought the consumer to your site prior to submitting a wishlist.



As you can see, the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator provides a way to boost your Google ranking in multiple ways. That means you need only one solution to address all 5 tips, not 5 different solutions from 5 different vendors!


So what are you waiting for?! Request an account at www.buildmybod.com/providers. And if you’re a consumer, check pricing from one of the BuildMyBod network physicians near you by clicking here!



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