How do I generate leads for my website?

leadsHave you ever asked yourself this question? Chances are you’ve found lots of answers online from so-called experts. Well, here goes one of those so-called experts weighing in once again! Regardless of what your business is – medical office, clothing boutique or stationary store, you need customers and before that, you need to generate leads that turn into loyal customers.


I think I’ve found the answer, particularly within the field of healthcare. In this post, I’m going to focus on generating leads through your website. The bottom line is that you need something on your site that 1) can’t be found anywhere else and 2) presented in such a way that the consumer will want to leave their contact information in return for getting that “something.”


First off, what makes me a self-proclaimed expert? It’s results. It’s measurable outcomes that have turned into clear results and revenue. Let’s start with visits to my website. Over the last 2.5 years, my home page on my website has received 59,097 visits. But that’s nothing in comparison to the page within my website that generates the leads I’m referring to. That page received 908,116 visits in the same time period! Not only that, I’ve grown my email database from 200 to 4,100 addresses over those 2.5 years. That kind of consumer engagement leads to patients and revenue.


That page I’m referring to satisfies the two requirements above. It’s a Pricing page that allows consumers to check the cost of my surgical and non-surgical services before they come into my office. That information isn’t available anywhere else…except on my website, so it’s a natural draw. More importantly, what patient paying out-of-pocket for healthcare services doesn’t want to know what it’s gonna cost ahead of time? And even more broadly, what person doesn’t want to know the cost of anything before paying for it?!


After determining the one special bit of info that can’t be gained elsewhere, the next step is to collect the consumers contact info, the lead. In the world of healthcare, any provider that offers services that may be paid out of pocket – cosmetic or even medically necessary services due to a high-deductible health plan – the cost estimator/lead generation platform from BuildMyBod Health does the trick. While the platform has it’s own website that includes all of their network healthcare professionals in one spot, the platform can also be integrated directly into the provider’s website as a “widget.” You see, the pricing information isn’t simply listed as a menu of pricing. The consumer sees the services offered but not the prices. The prices can be immediately and automatically sent to the consumer after they submit a wishlist of procedures along with their contact info  – the lead for future follow up!


Even if you’re not in the healthcare field, these recommendations can still work for you. Determine what makes your business unique. Determine what the consumer’s pain point is. If you’re a clothing boutique, offer the consumer a shopping experience with a personal shopper at a scheduled time (thus requiring contact info). Some customers need help navigating the clothing racks. Provide them with a personal shopper. This is something usually only offered by high-end stores but why not a small boutique that is looking to provide exclusive out-sized customer service? The personal shopper could be the manager. Take personal stock of what your business offers and you’ll figure out what makes you unique too.


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