Cyber Monday for Healthcare!

Purchase healthcare services online for Cyber Monday with BuildMyBod Health!

It’s coming! With so many online purchases for everything else, soon consumers will be looking for healthcare deals online on Cyber Monday! You don’t think that’s ever gonna happen? Well, it’s here!


The BuildMyBod Health price transparency platform, already known for providing consumers with out-of-pocket cost information for healthcare services from doctors in their area, now allows those same doctors to sell non-surgical services online. And when better to purchase something online than the day deals are available – Cyber Monday!


This coming Monday, doctors that are part of the BuildMyBod Health network will be selling discounted services online. Just pick the service you want, whether it be a cosmetic service or CT scan your doctor just ordered, and buy it online. It’s hard to believe but why is that? Certain types of healthcare services are very conducive to being purchased online when you know exactly what you need.


Patients that like a particular skin care product or dental whitening set should be able to purchase online anytime. While healthcare is typically slower getting in line with regular market forces, this is one instance where the future is here now.


How to Purchase Healthcare Services Online for Cyber Monday


To find a doctor within the BuildMyBod Health network to check pricing and purchase services online, click here.



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