Five reasons why a Get A Quote Now button rocks!

get a quote now

For every healthcare provider out there, there’s 10,000 consumers perusing their website. They’re looking for something and hoping the doctor has the answer. At the same time, the doctor is hoping to capture that patient. To do so, they’ll put various ‘call to action’ buttons or links on their site. Schedule Online! Book Now! Big buttons, blinking buttons, buttons that cascade from the top to the bottom of the screen! ‘Chat with Someone’ they promise! But none of those call to action buttons are what the consumer is looking for. What are they looking for? Get a quote now!


Why John (or Jane) Q. Public wants a Get A Quote Now button

Every consumer, especially those paying out of pocket for a healthcare service because it’s cosmetic or because they haven’t met their deductible, wants to know how much it’s gonna cost them. That’s right, they want a “Get A Quote Now” button like the one above. It’s so simple and obvious but at the same time, healthcare providers the nation over are resisting.


Here are just 5 of the benefits of a Get A Quote Now call to action button:

  1. 1. Stands out
  2. 2. Easy to direct people to
  3. 3. People love clicking buttons!
  4. 4. The consumer knows exactly what they’re getting when they click on it
  5. 5. It’s easily recognizable and attention grabbing on social media


The current President’s Administration is now pushing for the publication of negotiated rates between hospitals and insurance companies. So price transparency is coming. Don’t put your head in the sand. Offer price transparency but get something in return!


That’s why the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator is a win-win for everyone. The consumer gets actionable pricing information and the healthcare provider gets their contact info for follow up.


If you’re a patient and want to know pricing from a doctor in your area, click here. If you’re a healthcare provider looking to provide pricing on your site with the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator and get patient leads in return for providing pricing info, click here.



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