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snapchatJoining the bandwagon, BuildMyBod Health Founder/CEO is now on Snapchat @realdrbae! First, what’s in a name? In the tradition of Dr. Miami, one of the most watched Snapchat & Instagram stars, there seems to be an association with plastic surgeons secretly wanting to be hip hop stars! The doctor reference has more to do with Dr. Dre than the fact these are real doctors. And where does the Bae in Dr. Bae come from? Well, Dr. Bae is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but “Dr. Bay” was too normal. In the social media world, your “baby” or your “boo” is referred to as bae…thus the realdrbae!


Why Snapchat?

So what’s all the fuss about? Snapchat is allowing everyday viewers to see what goes on behind the curtain in a plastic surgery practice. What’s the doctor really like? Do the nurses in the office talk behind his back? What are they like in the operating room? What music do they listen to? With 10-second video and photo clips, the followers of Dr. Bae will see it all.


Of course, the patients must agree to be a part of the Snapchat story prior to inclusion so privacy is protected. Aside from being in the action, these Snapchat stories are educational. You can see the thought process behind each surgical procedure Dr. Bae performs. You can see the patient’s reaction to various non-surgical procedures like Botox or CoolSculpting. This helps patients become more prepared if they’re considering a consult.


For a sneak peak at one of Dr. Bae’s snapchat stories, follow him on Snapchat @realdrbae but remember, with Snapchat, you have to watch within 24 hours of the action. After that, the story expires. However, you can also watch these Snapchat stories that were uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy!


To check pricing on procedures from Dr. Bae and other doctors in your area, click here!



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