Youthanizing of the hands…or anti-aging of the hands!

Yes, we know, this is a funny title for a blog post. But anti-aging of the hands is no laughing matter! You can get a facelift but your hands will still give away your age if left untreated. Well, no more. You can now “youthanize” or provide anti-aging treatment for your hands with filler or fat injections.


Options for Anti-Aging of the Hands

anti-aging of the hands
Anti-aging of the hands with fat injections.

In this before and after photo, fat is injected into the hands. While you must harvest fat from the abdomen or thighs prior to injecting the hands, this has the benefit of being your own tissue. Also, you’re replacing “like with like.” In other words, your hands look older because the loss of fat has exposed veins and tendons. By replacing that lost fat with new fat from the abdomen, you give your hands a more youthful appearance. Check out this video from Snapchat (follow us @realdrbae) showing the technique for fat injections to the hands.


The biggest downside to this treatment is the additional surgical procedure involving removal of fat from the abdomen. While you can technically do this procedure under local anesthesia, that can still be painful. Typically, fat injections are done in conjunction with a facelift or other procedure so if you’re already asleep, fat injections to the hands are a nice bonus without too much additional pain.


anti-aging of the hands
Anti-aging of the hands with Radiesse filler injections.

If you don’t want the downtime or hassle of surgery, you can also get a filler off the shelf to treat your hands. Radiesse is the only filler that is FDA-approved for injections to the hands. This filler is specifically designed to cover the tendons and veins of the hand to make them look younger.


To check pricing and find a doctor near you that provides these services, click here.



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