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For those of you who haven’t checked out BuildMyBod Promos, you’re missing out!  By signing up here for BuildMyBod and BuildMyBod Promos, you can be alerted to any plastic surgery specials for non-surgical cosmetic procedures in your area being provided by real plastic surgeons.


Non-surgical cosmetic procedures include BOTOX® Cosmetic for the creases in between the eyebrows or the forehead and the crow’s feet. Other non-surgical procedures include fillers for the “parentheses lines” such as Juvederm® or Restylane®.  Lots of doctors offer these procedures including laser hair removal but just because they wear a white coat doesn’t mean they had formal training in a residency or fellowship to perform these procedures.  With BuildMyBod Promos, you can be sure the doctors offering these procedures are board eligible/board certified plastic surgeons.


So what makes BuildMyBod Promos so special? When a plastic surgeon in your area launches a special with BuildMyBod Promos, you will receive an email telling you what non-surgical procedure is being offered at 25 to 50% off. The email will link you to the BuildMyBod website and you can purchase your promo instantly online. After purchasing, you’ll get a confirmation email and then schedule an appointment with your doctor at your convenience.

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But you won’t hear about plastic surgery specials in your area without signing up here. With BuildMyBod Promos, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price!



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