Look for the words “plastic surgeon” in their ads!

When looking for a doctor to do your cosmetic surgery, it can be confusing. Sometimes you see cosmetic surgeon, sometimes you see plastic surgeon and sometimes you see “board certified” without clarification as to what they’re board certified in. The following advice is the simplest way to decode the advertisements you see….

white coat ASPS ad

If they state they’re a plastic surgeon, then they’re legit. If they noticeably avoid stating that they are a plastic surgeon and use alternative language such as cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, cosmetic surgeon or board certified cosmetic surgeon, then they did not complete an accredited training program in plastic surgery and are not a plastic surgeon. I’m not saying that plastic surgeons are the only doctors that perform cosmetic surgery but what I am saying is that you can’t be sure what they’re training has been unless they’re a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery training is undeniable – held to a high level of competence – and requires oral and written certification and re-certification.


If they were a plastic surgeon, they’d tell you immediately since there would be no need to beat around the bush and hide their true training credentials. Because ultimately, if you trained to be a specialist in cosmetic surgery by becoming a plastic surgeon, why would you hide it!


For a list of board certified plastic surgeons in your area, click here or visit www.buildmybod.com/pricing/.


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