BuildMyBod Health to release eCommerce feature

buildmybod health

buildmybod health
BuildMyBod Health, the price transparency platform that allows consumers to check pricing on healthcare services and generate leads for doctors will release a new eCommerce feature. By using the website at or the Price Estimator on an individual doctor’s website, consumers can purchase non-surgical services online.


Why online purchasing?

You may ask, why buy healthcare services online if you have to go to the doctor’s office anyway? Well, you could say the same thing about buying moving tickets online – you still have to go to the movie theater. But purchasing online is beneficial in several ways. So let us count the ways.


When a consumer purchases online, it streamlines the check out process for the office staff and the consumer. Even better, the folks waiting in the doctor waiting room don’t hear what the prior patient received or how much they paid. That discussion at the front desk doesn’t occur. What was purchased and for how much was all done online prior to the appointment.


With transactions online, the doctor captures dollars in the correct amount. There is no miscalculation or charges for the wrong amount. Additionally, the doctor can generate business even when the office is closed or take part in Cyber Monday!


Lastly, don’t forget about the simple convenience for the patient. With the BuildMyBod platform, the consumer purchases online, schedules an appointment online, walks in, gets the treatment and walks out!


BuildMyBod Health Promo Generator video


To check pricing and purchase online from a doctor near you, click here. BuildMyBod Health is leading the way in price transparency!



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