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Cleveland Clinic Plastic Surgery joins BuildMyBod Health

cleveland clinic plastic surgeryBig news! If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you probably want to know how much it costs? You’re not alone. BuildMyBod Health, the first platform to offer doctor-provided pricing information to consumers has a new first. The Cleveland Clinic Plastic Surgery Department chose BuildMyBod to showcase the prices of their world renowned surgeons. Remember, these are the same surgeons that performed the first full face transplant in the US!


How can I check pricing from the Cleveland Clinic Plastic Surgery Department?

Consumers will now be able to review the Cleveland Clinic Plastic Surgery department prices from the comfort of their home or mobile device. Prospective patients can add procedures of interest to a virtual wishlist. Once they submit their wishlist along with their contact info, the consumer will get instant, automated pricing information delivered to their inbox.


At the same time, the Cleveland Clinic will receive the patient’s wishlist and follow up to assist the patient in navigating through this world-renowned healthcare system. By receiving doctor-provided pricing estimates, consumers can make financially informed decisions prior to the consult. For the Cleveland Clinic, this emphasis on price transparency continues their first-in-class mission.


While BuildMyBod Health is very happy to be part of this collaboration, the feeling is mutual. The chairman of the department, Dr. James Zins, said, “I wish we did this sooner.”


So what are you waiting for?! If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon near you or in Northeast Ohio, check pricing here.




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