ASAPS beta testing the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently started a beta test with the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator. As seen here, some doctors have a “Get A Quote” call-to-action button under the Find A Plastic Surgeon feature on the ASAPS website. Once the consumer clicks on the Get A Quote button, they can see the doctor’s very own Price Estimator on their Profile Page.


The consumer then checks pricing specific to that doctor when they submit a “wishlist” along with their contact info. The prospective patient gets pricing info and the doctor receives their contact information to navigate them through the healthcare process. The beta test will run over 6 months.


The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is always looking for new ways to educate patients. And price transparency is a critical part of that education. At the same time, the Price Estimator allows ASAPS to support their member surgeons through lead generation.


While having a Price Estimator on the ASAPS site is only for ASAPS members, any type of doctor or facility that offers medically necessary services paid out of pocket because a deductible hasn’t been met can have a Price Estimator on their own site. Just click here and create a provider account. If you’re a consumer and looking for pricing info from a doctor near you, click here.


Watch the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator in action on the ASAPS website



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