Who needs Yelp when you have this patient testimonial!


yelpSure patients review Yelp but you know what’s more effective than words? A picture…or in this case a video! We had a previous one-of-our-favorite patients come in the other day and she made herself even more endearing. When we asked if we could record her postop examination that day for our Snapchat story, she did us one better…she offered to give us a video testimonial!


I didn’t even realize this was happening. Chandler, one of the “girls” in the office, brought the patient into the room. Next thing I know Chandler comes out and shows me the video testimonial on Snapchat. I was flattered and so appreciative that the patient did that without any prompting.


As the patient describes, she had a few nips and tucks and was a great patient even before this testimonial. What made her a great patient? She was compliant with her postop instructions. And rather than asking friends and family advice during the postop course, she went straight to the source and simply contacted me! Between text, voice or email, she knew she could get in touch for any questions or concerns. Check out the video below.


“Yelp” Video Testimonial on Snapchat


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