Welcome Dr. Peter Karsant DDS!

peter karsantWe here at BuildMyBod Health want to give a shout out and grand welcome to our newest dentist joining our price transparency network – Dr. Peter Karsant!


Dr. Karsant is the latest healthcare provider that recognizes the importance of price transparency. As you can see here on his website, Dr. Karsant has incorporated the BuildMyBod Price Estimator into his site that allows consumers to check the out-of-pocket costs of his services and even purchase non-surgical services online here.


Dr. Karsant joins over 100 other healthcare professionals and facilities across the US, Australia and coming soon, Canada! Here’s a quick peek at just a few of the representative providers and facilities currently on the BuildMyBod Health network.


Concierge primary care. in San Francisco
Dermatology. in Baton Rouge
MedSpa in Beverly Hills
ObGyn in San Francisco
Plastic Surgery in Pensacola
Radiology in Metairie
Orthopedic Surgery Center outside of Chicago
Bariatric Surgery at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital


If you’re a consumer looking for out-of-pocket pricing from doctors near you, check out the BuildMyBod.com website and app. If you’re a doctor that wants to join our network and get patient leads in exchange for providing pricing info, email us at pr@buildmybod.com


Also, for the latest insights from across the healthcare spectrum, check out the BuildMyBod Health podcast here.



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