Liposuction for the saddle bags (outer thighs)

saddle bags
Before and After Liposuction to the inner thighs and saddle bags (outer thighs)

I know it’s a terrible term – saddle bags – but it is how my patients describe their outer thighs. So, I’m only using the term for ease of communication, even though it’s not my preferred terminology! These deposits of fat to the outer thighs make the saddle bags one of the most resistant areas to traditional methods of weight loss and exercise. Luckily, you have options to get rid of them…permanently.


As the patients above and below show, you can remove these stubborn pockets of fat very aggressively with liposuction. Sure this requires surgery but the 3mm incisions are well hidden beneath the underwear. Liposuction to the saddle bags is an outpatient procedure that doesn’t necessarily require general anesthesia which is one concern many patients have.


saddle bagsNot only is it a great treatment of the saddle bags, but it can also reduce the fat to the inner thighs as seen with the improved thigh gap in the patient below.


saddle bags


If the idea of surgery scares you, there’s also non-surgical fat reduction to the outer thighs using CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting, as its name implies, cools or freezes the fat beneath the skin. While CoolSculpting absolutely works as seen in the photo below, it only reduces the fat layer by 25% whereas liposuction is closer to an 85% fat reduction. You don’t want 100% fat reduction because a little fat beneath the skin is normal and good for the pliability, recoil and natural feel of your skin.


saddle bags


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