The Benefits of Concierge Medicine [podcast]

concierge medicine
concierge medicine
Michael Tetreault, editor-in-chief of Concierge Medicine Today

In this BuildMyBod Health podcast, we hear from Michael Tetreault, the editor-in-chief of Concierge Medicine Today and the Direct Primary Care Journal. Concierge Medicine Today is the industry’s oldest and most respected news organization for all things concierge medicine. What’s concierge medicine? Well, keep reading!


Concierge medicine is getting back to the relationship of yore, when the family doctor would make house calls and wouldn’t make you wait. Through a monthly, quarterly or annual membership, you can have better access to your primary care doctor than what traditional insurance provides. Your concierge doctor can even advocate on your behalf to reduce the costs of outpatient labs or radiology tests.


Somewhat newer but just as effective, direct primary care provides access to employees and millennials to gain access to basic healthcare and wellness needs. To get a better idea of how these fields are growing, listen to the BuildMyBod Health podcast below.


Not only is the concierge model promoting a better relationship with your doctor, price transparency – knowing your costs before the bill arrives – is also emphasized. In a turning of the tables, hear the interviewee (Michael) become the interviewer as he discusses price transparency and lead generation with Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, the founder/CEO of the BuildMyBod Health price transparency platform. In particular, you can see how the BuildMyBod Health cost estimator has been integrated into this San Francisco-based concierge practice.


Concierge Medicine and Michael Tetreault on the BuildMyBod Health Podcast

Listen to more of the BuildMyBod Health Podcast by clicking here.



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