Meet Renuva, the game-changing fat-stimulating anti-aging treatment


New anti-aging treatments crop up all the time. Some sound more like weird science than reality, while others are deep-rooted in pure, clinical science and achieve results once only imaginable. The latest treatment that stands in its own corner is Renuva.   Renuva is a fat-stimulating matrix that prompts the body to produce more fat […]

Even a 5’4″ woman that weighs 105 pounds is a BBL candidate!

skinny bbl

We’ve all seen the questions online or on social media when it comes to who is or is not a BBL candidate. Do I have enough fat for a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)? Do I need to gain weight? We finally have the answer! As long as you’re healthy and your doctor agrees, even a […]

The Booty is all the Rage!

From J.Lo to Kim Kardashian, having a prominent, round booty with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is one of the most talked about plastic surgery procedures over the last few years. So how is it really done?   How to get a rounder booty! The best way to achieve these results is by fat injections […]

Things to know after your Brazilian Butt Lift [video]

Brazilian Butt Lift

Don’t worry. Even if you’re not considering a Brazilian Butt Lift, this article provides helpful postoperative insights for any procedure. But for those wondering what a Brazilian Butt Lift is, you can read more here. However, this is the short version: after performing liposuction to any area of the body, the fat that’s collected is […]

The Latest in Lip Fillers [video]

lip injections

If you think your lips are too thin or want to slightly plump them up, you have options. Several options. We’ll review the pros and cons below of different types of lip fillers.   Lip Fillers are your Friends! We’ll use the term “filler” loosely to mean anything that plumps up the lips. Typically lip […]

Getting a narrow waist with liposuction

narrow waist

Sure losing weight and exercise is the responsible way to get a narrow waist. But what’s the fun in that?! If you work out and still can’t get the narrow waist you want, liposuction may be the answer. The best part is that you get so many other benefits with a narrow waist.   Liposuction, […]

Breast Implants vs Fat Injections to the Breast

fat injections to the breast

As society continues to demand that everything be ‘natural,’ it would make sense to shift from breast implants to fat injections to the breast for breast augmentation as well. Is it that simple? Can we substitute saline or silicone breast implants with your own natural fat and get the same results? A few years ago, […]

Youthanizing of the hands…or anti-aging of the hands!

Yes, we know, this is a funny title for a blog post. But anti-aging of the hands is no laughing matter! You can get a facelift but your hands will still give away your age if left untreated. Well, no more. You can now “youthanize” or provide anti-aging treatment for your hands with filler or […]

Options in Lip Augmentation

Considering lip augmentation? Now that Kylie Jenner has popularized this trend, let’s talk about your options. You have permanent silicone lip implants and fillers on the market along with fat injections.   Lip augmentation: Fillers, lip implants and fat As seen in this photo above, lip implants are a great option. While these are performed under […]

Where to get the fat for your BBL!

By now you’ve heard about the Brazilian Butt Lift. Using either silicone butt implants or your own fat, you can volumize your buttocks to look like J. Lo or Kim Kardashian. Keep in mind that it’s hard to look exactly like them considering that what they have is natural and your buttocks will only be […]

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