Even a 5’4″ woman that weighs 105 pounds is a BBL candidate!

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We’ve all seen the questions online or on social media when it comes to who is or is not a BBL candidate. Do I have enough fat for a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)? Do I need to gain weight? We finally have the answer! As long as you’re healthy and your doctor agrees, even a thin patient can be a BBL candidate. Just check out our 5’4″, 105 pound patient!


Who’s a BBL candidate?

Aside from being healthy, patients considering a BBL should have reasonable expectations. If they are morbidly obese, a patient should consider medical or surgical weight loss first. At the other end of the spectrum, a very thin patient can still be a candidate.


bbl candidate


The abdomen and flanks (love handles) are the typical go-to location for fat harvesting during liposuction. But this presents a unique challenge in a thin patient. And not because they don’t have enough fat. If a patient is thin, they’re at an increase risk of contour deformities from the liposuction cannula. That’s why it’s important to use a smaller liposuction cannula during fat harvest (3 or 4mm). But where else can fat be found?


bbl candidate


Surprisingly, there is more fat that most realize in the inner thighs and back. The inner thighs offer up some of the best, most golden brown fat there is! Due to the large dimensions of the back, even a thin layer of fat can add up. Significant liposuction to the  back and waist is critical to achieving great results. While some fat will reabsorb over time, the buttocks can still appear larger because of aggressive liposuction around the waist.


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