The Booty is all the Rage!

bootyFrom J.Lo to Kim Kardashian, having a prominent, round booty with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is one of the most talked about plastic surgery procedures over the last few years. So how is it really done?


How to get a rounder booty!

The best way to achieve these results is by fat injections or fat transfer into the buttocks in a procedure called a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL. A BBL consists of two steps. The first is to remove the patient’s own fat from their abdomen, flanks and back. Doing so “snatches” the waist and already gives the appearance of a larger buttock even before any fat is transferred. In some patients who are looking for a more subtle change, that is enough. But for those who are looking for more projection like these celebrities, on to step two!


The second step is to take the fat harvested from the torso and inject that into the buttock. Fat injected into the buttock will give the projection that most people are looking for. It’s also important to add fat into the side of the buttock to ensure that the transition from butt to the hips is seamless and gives the patient an hourglass figure.


Typically, the buttocks are “overfilled” with fat. This is because some of the fat injected will not receive a proper blood supply after the transfer and will slowly die. Therefore, between surgery and the first four weeks post op, the BBL will actually get smaller. The fat cells that establish a new blood supply will survive, keeping the booty round.


What about butt implants?

Now why not use butt implants? Butt implants come with risks and complications including displacement or movement of the implants, fluid collection in the buttock and capsular contracture. And even if the implant placement is successful, the implants are not permanent. It is recommended that patients have a butt implant replacement (or removal) about 8-12 years after the initial procedure. Lastly, the results of butt implants look and feel less natural that the results of a BBL with fat.


Therefore, whether you’re looking for a round, athletic booty or a booty from one of those rap videos, a Brazilian Butt Lift is the way to go! And in the words of Jason Derulo, “You know what to do with that big, fat butt… Wiggle, wiggle!”


To check pricing on a BBL and get a rounder booty, click here.


Written by Jan Paula Ramiro @japsiecam

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