Do I need to change my breast implants?

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change my breast implantsConsumers read a lot about breast augmentation online. Their one takeaway is, “do I need to change my breast implants every 10 years?” They don’t necessarily remember details about capsular contracture or they can’t find out how much their prospective doctor charges, but they’ve heard of the 10 year rule! Well, it’s not true. But more on that later. Below, we’ll list the reasons you can or should change your breast implants. We’ll also list the reasons you don’t need to.


Reasons to change your breast implants

YES – You have saline implants and want to switch to silicone for a more natural feel (but you don’t have to)
YES – Capsular contracture caused the implant to deform
YES – You feel pain
YES – Your implant has moved or turned
YES – Rupture
YES – You want a different size


Reasons you don’t need to change your breast implants

NO – Because it’s been 10 years and someone told you that you need to change them every 10 years. The reason people believe this is because one study said that 20% of breast implants have a problem at the 10-year mark…but that means that 80% are fine. So you don’t automatically need to change them.
NO – Because they look fine
NO – You’re still happy with them


Video Removing saline implants


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