BuildMyBod founder, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, continues his US speaking tour in Dallas this Wednesday at the 12th International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery. This meeting is put on by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – the AAFPRS. He’ll be giving three talks, one as a plastic surgeon and two as founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health.


Talks at the AAFPRS: The SIMI Neck Lift

Dr. Kaplan will speak on the neck lift technique that he developed. The SIMI neck lift is the single incision minimally invasive neck lift that trades three incisions for one incision. More patients with misplaced midline neck skin can be treated with this technique rather than the more invasive full neck lift. See the video below.


How to weed out price shoppers

Price shoppers calling many offices looking for the cheapest price rather than the best quality care can take up a lot of the front office staff’s time. Dr. Kaplan will share his technique to streamline front office processes, provide consumers with pricing information they need, all while weeding out price shoppers and saving the staff time.


Generating leads through social media

Doctors work hard to produce a lot of content for their social media followers. From surgical to non-surgical treatments, consumers are hungry for more and more content. But what do you have to show for it? A lot of followers but no names or contact information.


Dr. Kaplan will show how he uses the call to action button, “Get A Quote Now” to capture the consumer’s attention when they visit a doctor’s website. This gets them into the doctor’s sales funnel so the doctor can find out who the consumer is, follow up with them and educate them through monthly email newsletters.


To learn more about these techniques, read more here and here.



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