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Who would have thought it possible just a few years ago?! Price transparency in healthcare was a thing considered to hard to accomplish. But now it’s here! BuildMyBod has found a way to give consumers and physicians what they want. Consumers get pricing info from doctors near them and doctors get a consumer lead for follow up.


This is how it works. The doctors, including plastic surgeons, dentists, ObGyn’s, dermatologists, radiology facilities, bariatric surgeons and concierge primary care doctors, upload their prices to the BuildMyBod database. And just as seen in the video above, consumers go to the website or the doctor’s individual website, choose services they’re interested in and after entering their contact info, they’re instantly provided a breakdown of costs. The doctor in return gets the consumers contact info for follow up. Everyone wins!


Remember how hard it used to be to get in touch with someone that knew what they were talking about at the doctor’s office? Well now they’ll call you after you submit a “wishlist” of services you want! It’s as easy as it sounds.


So to check pricing on healthcare services that won’t be covered by insurance because it’s either cosmetic or because you haven’t reached your deductible yet, click here. And you can even purchase services online here. Enjoy!



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