Medical Slang: Turkey Neck

turkey neck
This patient underwent a necklift to correct a turkey neck. Incisions are hidden behind her ears.

Turkey neck is a pretty harsh term in my opinion but it does adequately describe a sagging neck. In general, the neck can suffer from excess skin or excess fat but in the case of a turkey neck, it’s all of the above.


These issues are treated in different ways. The patient to the left had excess skin and excess fat, requiring hidden incisions behind the ears to allow for the lifting of neck skin and removal of fat. To be sure the result lasts for as long as possible, you would also want to tighten the neck muscles (platysma). This is done through a separate incision behind the chin.


While liposuction alone can treat excess fat to the neck, this would not treat the typical turkey neck. On its own, liposuction alone could actually worsen a turkey neck in the sense that it would leave the skin deflated and hanging.


Some non-surgical treatments on the market to the tighten the neck skin would also be inadequate for a turkey neck. Those non-surgical treatments tighten the skin but not nearly enough to treat a turkey neck.


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