Prairie Spine joins the BuildMyBod Network

prairie spinePrairie Spine of Peoria, IL is now part of the BuildMyBod network. That means you can check your out-of-pocket costs for procedures dealing with “spine health.” So not only does Prairie Spine offer the latest in back pain services, they also offer the latest in price transparent medicine.


What does this mean for Prairie Spine and you?

With more consumers shouldering the costs of healthcare, it’s hard to know your financial responsibility ahead of time. Since you may have a high-deductible health plan, you may be paying out of pocket even if your needs are technically covered by insurance. And even though your treatment may be medially necessary, insurance won’t pay for it until you’ve met your deductible. For that reason, you want the most affordable care without cutting corners.


That’s where Prairie Spine and BuildMyBod Health come in. By using the Price Estimator on the Prairie Spine website, you can add items to your treatment plan and check pricing. At the same time, Prairie Spine will contact you to help you navigate through the healthcare process. It’s like having your own concierge service.


Again, to check pricing for a back or spine related service at Prairie Spine, click here.



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