Interview with a Breast Augmentation Patient [podcast]

breast augmentation
breast augmentation
For privacy reasons, this photo is not “Janet,” our guest on the BuildMyBod Health podcast.

After seeing a patient for one procedure or another and after going through all of the details, they often ask to speak to a patient that went through the same journey. Breast augmentation is no different. Finding a former breast augmentation patient to speak to a new patient is not difficult. But you do worry it’s an inconvenient request for your former patient. That’s no longer a concern…introducing podcasts with former patients to educate future patients!


In this BuildMyBod Health podcast, we speak with a former breast augmentation patient, “Janet.” Patients can hear about her concerns and goals for breast augmentation. She discusses the night before surgery and the last thing she remembers before “going under!”


While not everyone will have the same doctor or recovery, her insights are very helpful. A few pearls of wisdom are to do your research and don’t price shop and most importantly, don’t go too big! Listen below to an interview with a breast augmentation patient on the BuildMyBod Health podcast.


Interview with a Breast Augmentation Patient

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