How fast to follow up with a lead – the paradigm is shifting (and that’s good!)

follow up with a lead

When it comes to following up with leads, it seems like you can’t follow up with a lead fast enough! Every article providing advice recommends a quicker response time. But that paradigm is changing.

How fast to follow up with a lead

This article states that responding to a lead 5 minutes after receiving it will reduce the likelihood of contacting that lead by a factor of 10x! They go on to recommend “touching” the lead at least 6 times. Typically a lead is only contacted on average 1.3x.

By touching, they mean calling, emailing or any means of contacting the lead (texting?). I would argue that following up between 1.3x and 6x could be labeled as harassment!

Alternatively, this article argues for an even shorter follow up period. In their opinion, a lead becomes virtually worthless if it isn’t followed up within 60 seconds.

How the paradigm is changing within healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, for medically necessary or cosmetic services, the main question a consumer has through online channels is “how much does it cost?” Up to 82.2% according to this study by BuildMyBod Health.

Therefore, if you can answer the question of “how much does it cost?” in an immediate, automated way, wouldn’t that reduce your lead follow up time to zero?! A Price Estimator can do just that. By answering the consumer’s question accurately and immediately, that relieves the office staff from the pressure and disruption of trying to follow up instantly.

Office staff should still follow up with the lead but from a customer service perspective, the consumer already received the answer to their question immediately. So an additional  follow up in a timely manner (within hours) should suffice in attempting to schedule a consult. Or more importantly, if the consumer receives the estimated cost automatically, they’ll quickly determine if the price is within their budget and call the office on their own.

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