Fat Injections to the Buttocks After Liposuction

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, everyone is looking to be booty-licious. This is actually a medical term. Just kidding. But the public’s interest to inflate or augment their buttocks is very real. I don’t know if it’s a sign of health or wealth the way big hips used to suggest fertility and other seemingly positive traits. Regardless, it’s all the rage for the last year or so and continues to be.


Since I’m not a big fan of but implants due to risk of infection or flipping over (see video), I’ve focused on buttock enlargement using fat injections. Fat injections are great because it’s your own tissue. You don’t have to worry about infection or movement like you do with an implant. The main problem with fat injections is that the fat can dissolve over time. Most plastic surgeons quote a loss of 50% of fat over 6 months but what’s left, is there to stay. It’s a very hard thing to quantify without 3-D photos of the buttocks and not enough long term studies are available since fat injections for buttock enhancement haven’t been used by most surgeons except for the last several years.



One thing I’ve noticed in my practice is that more and more patients that are undergoing routine liposuction now want that fat to go to good use. Whereas in the past, the fat would be thrown away, patients are now asking that the fat obtained during liposuction to flatten out other areas of concern, are injected into a deflated buttock. So that’s the mantra – fill my flattened buttock with fat removed to flatten my abdomen!


It’s a great idea and if you’re already having surgery for liposuction, even if you’re just slightly unhappy with your buttock shape, it may be worth it to put your fat to better use. Keep in mind, as mentioned above, that half of the fat will dissolve but what’s left may give your buttock more definition. Since some fat will dissolve, you’ll need at least 1 to 2 liters of fat to inject into the buttocks to bring about an obvious difference in your buttock shape. So if you’re too thin, you may not have enough fat to give you that booty you’ve always wanted.


fat injections buttocks
Before and after fat injections to the buttock. Fat was removed from the abdomen and flanks and injected into the buttocks. Tattoos are obscured to protect privacy.


As with any procedure, there are always risks. So be sure and find a board certified plastic surgeon by clicking here and get an idea of the total cost for this procedure by clicking here and submitting a wishlist.


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