Nose Job with a Filler!

If you’ve been in an accident, broken your nose and now have a “scoop” or divot, you may be looking to get a nose job. Until now, any changes to your nose required nose surgery – technically called a rhinoplasty. But with the advent of fillers like Belotero, Juvederm or Restylane, you can get your “nose job” in about 10 minutes!


nose job
Any of these fillers can be used for a liquid nose job – Belotero, Juvederm or Restylane


nose job
Side view of a nose before and after Belotero filler injection

Injecting a filler into the nose can be very easy and minimally painful for the patient. By first providing a dental block to numb the nose, your plastic surgeon can artfully fill in the area of concern. Be sure and keep a mirror in your hand during the procedure so that you can view the contours of your nose in between the injections to provide input to your doctor. They have a pretty good idea of what to do but it’s always important for the patient to be involved in the process, especially with a filler. You don’t want your doctor to run out of filler and then you tell them you want a little more here or there!


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nose job
Oblique view before and after Belotero filler injection




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