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ear gauge repairWhether you have a split earlobe or an ear gauge, an ear gauge repair can fix both! While the circumstances that led to a split earlobe or an ear gauge vary, the repair is similar.


Split Earlobe or Ear Gauge Repair

We’re not judging, but if you got an ear gauge when you were younger and now regret it, there’s something you can do. Same goes for folks that have “normal” earrings that have stretched the opening or the lobe has completely split.


Under local anesthesia, your doctor can remove the enlarged hole or excess skin. Keep in mind that you can’t just stitch the opening closed without removing the skin edges first. Stitching together skin to skin doesn’t work. However, in the case of a very enlarged hole from an ear gauge, removing just the hole will result in a pointy earlobe (see video below). Therefore, it’s important to remove a wedge of normal skin to get an excellent result.


Video: How to repair an ear gauge


To check pricing on ear gauge or split earlobe repairs, click here.



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