DripDrop, dehydration and Dr. Dolhun [podcast]

Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, founder of DripDrop

Dr. Eduardo Dolhun is a self-described country doctor in the big city! He’s a primary care doctor but also an entrepreneur focused on treating dehydration, one of the most frequent causes of death throughout the world.


Several years ago on a trip to Guatemala, he saw a child die in their mother’s arms because of dehydration brought on by cholera. That moment eventually inspired him to develop DripDrop, an electrolyte replacement therapy. Essentially, it treats dehydration similar to IV fluid therapy but it’s given orally.


DripDrop has the potential to save lives and even keep children in first-world countries like the US from going to the ER due to dehydration. The key is not just rehydrating with water. You need to rehydrate with electrolytes, particularly sodium. Sports drinks don’t have enough but DripDrop does.


Surprisingly, not rehydrating with electrolytes like sodium can lead to osteoporosis too. You can hear more about Dr. Dolhun, his primary care practice in San Francisco and DripDrop in the podcast below.


DripDrop, dehydration and Dr. Dolhun Podcast

To learn more about Dr. Dolhun click here or for DripDrop, click here. Also, follow Dr. Dolhun and Dripdrop at these Twitter handles: @dripdrop, @drdolhun, @dolhun and at Facebook here.


Listen to more of the BuildMyBod Health Podcast by clicking here.



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