Do fillers make you look like you got punched in the face?!

do fillers

do fillers
Are you happy with your fillers but dread the actual treatment? Do fillers leave you bruised and in pain? Well, you’re not alone. As the discussion and video below discuss, there’s a way to minimize pain and bruising when getting fillers.


Do fillers have to hurt

The best way to minimize pain with fillers is a dental block. Similar to what a dentist does during a procedure, your doctor can inject lidocaine or xylocaine to the inside of the mouth to reduce sensation in the areas you would normally receive fillers.


The numbness makes your eyes, nose and lips feel weird and you may even talk funny for an hour. But for those 5-10 minutes of treatment, you’re less likely to feel a thing! Topical cream won’t do the trick. They might help minimize the pain associated with the needle stick but the real pain with fillers is the actual gel going into the tissues. A topical cream won’t help with that pain but a dental block will.


Do fillers have to cause bruising

The best way to reduce bruising with fillers is to reduce the number of needle sticks! When using a needle, you must make many sticks to treat the area in question. With a blunt cannula – a long needle without the sharp tip – you can treat more far reaching areas with fewer access points (needle sticks). For example, most doctors will stick the upper and lower lip many times for lip fillers. With a blunt cannula, the doctor (as seen in the video), can treat the upper and lower lip through only two needle stick sites. One from the left corner of the mouth and one from the right corner of the mouth.


If the descriptions above make it hard to visualize, check out the video below.


Video: Minimizing pain and bruising associated with fillers


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