Dimples and Dimpleplasty


dimplesWishing you had dimples? I always did growing up! Who would think a a birth defect could look so attractive?


What causes a dimple?

Dimples are naturally caused by a birth defect whereby a “kink” in your muscle causes the overlying skin to stick to the underlying connective tissue. The dimples that appear on a person’s face are usually in the buccinator (cheek) muscle. That’s why facial expressions such as smiling cause the dimples to appear.


Nowadays with all the crazy things that celebrities and patients request from their plastic surgeon, I guess it should come as no surprise that you can actually have surgery to create dimples.


This minimally invasive procedure is a “local” procedure. Meaning you only need local anesthesia, not general. Rather than an operating room, the surgeon can perform the surgery in the exam room in about 15-20 minutes!


First, the surgeon makes an incision inside of your cheek. That’s great because there are no visible scars on your face. Then, the surgeon passes an absorbable suture through the inside of the cheek towards the undersurface of the skin at the location where you want your dimple. When the suture is tied and tightened, it mimics the “kink.” And even after suture absorption, the scarring between the underlying skin and muscle will continue to create the appearance of dimples.


Immediately after surgery, the dimple is visible even without smiling. But after a few days, the dimple only appears when smiling, just like the natural ones.


Click here to check pricing for dimple creation (also known as dimpleplasty).


Written by Jan Paula Ramiro @japsiecam

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