Diary of a CoolSculpting Patient

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I had the pleasure of treating another CoolSculpting patient last Friday. Let’s say her initials are CS. She’s a very interesting, bubbly woman that likes to document her life as it’s happening via her e-diary, otherwise known as an iPad! Luckily she was kind enough to share her thoughts with me and give her permission to express those sentiments through this blog.


Here’s what she had to say about her CoolSculpting experience:


“After being measured and marked with sharpie pens for fat areas, I was asked to stand and have my picture taken for the records.
Very precise and thorough, at several different angles to document the areas for treatment, both for today and for future treatments.  Very smart indeed…


Given a pair of shorts to wear during first treatment and a pack of gel was placed on my first area of treatment (right side of waist), then the machine was placed over the gel and turned on.


The feeling was like getting suctioned by a vortex! Or like if someone grabbed a handful of [skin] with their fist and pulled. It did not hurt at all, just made me aware of process.


Within a couple of minutes the very cold feeling started and continues – not uncomfortable at all – sort of like a Icy Hot pain patch, easy.


The suction and cold are quite comfortable – especially since I am on a dental style chair with a blanket and many pillows with the Netflix watching Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


I am very very relaxed and comfortable – could easily close my eyes and take a nap. The room is very private, with views of Alta Plaza Park and surrounding Pac Heights and in the distance behind the fog is the GG bridge.


I feel so happy to be able to do this; with Dr. Kaplan, and his staff it is so easy and comfortable in this setting, being completely exposed, flaws and everything –  marked up with sharpies and shown where these areas could be treated down the road if and when I would like to.


Never ever any pressure to commit to further sessions, yet assured if and when I do, they have all my areas marked so that in the future it’ll be super easy to address.


Couldn’t have imagined it being any easier!”


Thanks for sharing CS!



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