Breast Augmentation Cost – Updated

Curious as to how much breast augmentation, or a “breast aug” costs? Have you noticed that when you google this question, it’s hard to find a clear cut number of how much it costs? Well, you’ve find the right blog post and website to answer your questions about breast augmentation cost and any other procedures you’re considering.


breast augmentation cost


The cost of breast augmentation is affected by several factors. The surgeon’s fee, the OR/anesthesia fees, postop garments (like a bra), cosmetic insurance and of course the cost of the implants (saline or silicone). Experience of the surgeon may affect the cost but that’s harder to quantify. Here’s a breakdown of these costs for my practice:


Surgeon’s Fee: $2200
OR time: 1.5 hours
OR/anesthesia cost: $1275
Implant costs: $1850 (silicone), $1300 (saline)
Garment costs: $150
Cosmetic insurance costs: $300

Total Cost: $5775 for silicone, $5225 for saline


Prices vary across the country as you can see in this 2014 Pricing Report. Breast augmentation tends to be most expensive in the northeast and least expensive in the south. If you would like more pricing information for a plastic surgeon near you, check out



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