Dr. Kaplan talks Cardi B and her liposuction with 99.7 Now! (video)

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Cardi B and her liposuction
Did you hear? Cardi B recently cancelled her concerts for the rest of May due to prolonged recovery from liposuction. But is it as simple as that? Dr. Kaplan, founder/CEO of BuildMyBod Health recently shared his thoughts with the morning show over at 99.7 Now, the Bay’s #1 for all the hits.


Cardi B and her liposuction

You would think that if she was planning surgery, she would have set aside some time to recover. Liposuction recovery requires one to two weeks tops. So why does she need more time to recover even after returning to work? She said her doctors told her she needed to, but really?


If you were tired and were feeling like you overextended yourself, you would choose to take time off and recover. So why did she need to ask the doctors about taking time off? The only reason to ask a doctor for more time off is so they can write you a note or excuse for your boss. Cardi B doesn’t have a supervisor! So why did she need the doctors to tell her to chill?


“Cardi B doesn’t have a supervisor!”


The most likely reason her doctors are telling her to take more time off is because she has a complication. Maybe she has an infection that needs IV antibiotics. Maybe she has a fluid collection under the skin that needs drainage. Regardless, she’ll ultimately be fine but it is awkward to have this happen when you’re a public figure.


Dr. Kaplan on 99.7 Now


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