BuildMyBod Health founder named 2019 Best Cosmetic Surgeon by SF Weekly – again!

Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, founder and CEO of BuildMyBod Health. He was recently selected as the 2019 Best Cosmetic Surgeon by Bay Area readers of SF Weekly magazine.


2019 Best Cosmetic Surgeon

This year’s ballot required readers to write in their vote rather than choose from a list of nominees. Because of Dr. Kaplan’s reputation with the patients he treats and his prevalence on social media, he received the most support. However, what’s unclear is if consumers voted for Dr. Kaplan or his social media name, Dr. Bae!


Clearly Dr. Kaplan couldn’t do this on his own. The more appropriate name for the award would be the Best Cosmetic Surgery Team, to include the office staff, rather than the best cosmetic surgeon. Because the entire team creates an atmosphere that lends itself to great customer service. Something that can’t be done alone.


In his pursuit of complete transparency, you can watch Dr. Kaplan perform surgery on Snapchat and Instagram Stories @realdrbae. Aside from getting to know Dr. Kaplan and the team on social media, it’s possible to know pricing ahead of time as well. His prices are available at and


We’re in a new age. The ability to know your doctor prior to the consultation has never been easier. While many people are “down” on the idea of social media, it really does provide insight into these cosmetic procedures and the physicians performing them like never before.


Choosing your doctor from social media isn’t the craziest thing you can do. Choosing a doctor based on your friend’s advice alone, without seeing them perform the surgery or without seeing their results – now that’s crazy! In fact, just because a magazine names them the best cosmetic surgeon isn’t enough. Is is possible that doctor paid for their accolade (Dr. Kaplan did not). With Dr. Kaplan, what you see is what you get!







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