Call to action: ebooks and newsletters are so 1980’s

call to action

If you’re not familiar with Modern Aesthetics magazine, it’s an online and print magazine that provides a great source of marketing ideas for aesthetic practices. A recent article discussed ways to improve your inbound marketing. Basically, how to generate leads from visitors to your website. To be clear, we’re not talking about how to generate more traffic to your website, but how to get more actual leads from that traffic.


This is something I’ve discussed many times before, including here and here. My motto is, “you can’t follow a click!” In other words, just because someone is visiting your site (clicking on various links), doesn’t mean you will ever find out who they are. And if you don’t know who they are, you can’t follow up with them.


Call to action

The bottom line is that if a visitor to your website is going to provide you with their contact info, you need to give them a good reason to do so. In the article from Modern Aesthetics magazine above, the writer suggests providing something of value in exchange for the consumer’s contact info. Specifically, an ebook and subscription to an office newsletter.


I’m sorry, but similar to live chat and website submission forms, ebooks and signing up for a newsletter isn’t value enough. Maybe those were worthwhile a few years ago. But there is so much content online now that the consumer has read whatever is in your ebook about a thousand times already.


That’s why, as I suggest here, a properly tantalizing call to action must 1) allow the consumer to obtain difficult to find information, 2) incentivize the consumer to provide their contact info and 3) requires very little motivation on the part of the patient.


The only call to action I’m aware of that fits all of these is the ability to automatically provide a consumer with their most burning question: how much does it cost. It’s just that simple. No complex machinations or big data needed. They want to know the cost of their procedure. So you might as well combine price transparency with lead generation and find out who they are in the process.


It’s a fair exchange between doctor and patient and the wave of the future.




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