Who knew? BuildMyBod is great for Yelp reviews!

yelp reviewsOnline reviews are tricky. They can as easily bolster your online reputation and well as crush it! Yelp reviews are particularly powerful, like it or not. While you will never satisfy every patient that comes in the door, there’s apparently one big patient satisfier. The Price Estimator from BuildMyBod Health.


How BuildMyBod can help your Yelp Reviews

As you can see in the genuine Yelp review above, the patient was very happy with her experience in general. But in an unsolicited portion of an already unsolicited review, the patient explicitly mentions how the Price Estimator on the doctor’s website was the key factor in choosing her doctor.


Obviously she needed to have a good experience with the doctor during the consult to move forward with surgery. But the first step is getting the patient in the door. The ability to check the doctor’s pricing through the Price Estimator gave the patient the opportunity to check estimated pricing before the consultation. Thus alleviating the risk of sticker shock at the end of the consultation when it was time to review the cost of the procedure.


This is way better than simply using a static menu of pricing on the site. With the Estimator, the doctor is able to capture the patient’s contact info when they check pricing. In other words, the only way the patient can check for automated pricing information is if they first enter their contact information along with a “wishlist” of procedures they’re interested in.


Video, how the Price Estimator works

To check pricing from a doctor near you, click here.



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