BuildMyBod Founder to speak at Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo 2017

aesthetic everythingBuildMyBod Health is very excited to announce that founder/CEO, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan will be speaking at the upcoming Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo 2017. The expo will take place in Phoenix on May 13th and 14th.


What’s Dr. Kaplan talking about at the Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo

Click on the image above to enlarge. As you’ll see, Dr. Kaplan will discuss price transparency and how to set up the consultation between the doctor and patient for success. By encouraging the doctor to offer pricing information online, the patient can see pricing ahead of time. Therefore, they don’t waste 45 minutes of their own time describing their deepest insecurities  only to realize the cost is out of their budget. By knowing pricing prior to the consultation, they know whether the consultation is premature.


This is obviously beneficial for the doctor as well. By offering pricing information online, consumers can see what the “damage” is. In turn, the doctor focuses on the most serious of patients that attend the consultation after checking costs.


It’s natural to want pricing info before any big purchase. A house. A car. And healthcare costs. Dr. Kaplan will also discuss price transparency and lead generation at more upcoming meetings. Stay tuned to find out where. If you want to attend the Aesthetic Everything Beauty Expo in Phoenix, click here to learn more.




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