BuildMyBod Plastic Surgery Pricing In the News!

With the latest release of the 2013 Plastic Surgery Pricing Report, we’ve received a lot of attention. And with more attention from blogs and the media, consumers will flock to BuildMyBod in growing numbers. And they’ll be looking for BuildMyBod plastic surgeons in their area!


Plastic Surgery Practice, a magazine and website that connects plastic surgeons with one another via social media and in turn with consumers reviewed the 2013 Plastic Surgery Pricing Report. They highlighted the many factors that go into the costs of plastic surgery and reviewed the regional differences in plastic surgery prices around the country. The article can be seen in its entirety here.


And after the press release announcing the unveiling of the 2013 Plastic Surgery Pricing Report, PR Newswire posted the Report on the most famous billboard in Times Square! See image below.



2013 Pricing Report in Times Square cropped

And last but not least, RealSelf, a website that allows patients to discuss and share real stories about any cosmetic treatment, named 4 medi-beauty apps for the surgically curious. Obviously since we’re mentioning it here, the BuildMyBod app was one they named! Read the whole story here.


We’re proud to have caught the attention of respectable sites in cyberspace. Visit to learn more about pricing on cosmetic surgery from a plastic surgeon near you and also learn about the other services that BuildMyBod provides.



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