Real numbers to answer your question: How much does plastic surgery cost?

A recent blog post by Dr. Daniel Kaufman reflects on friends asking for surgery for free. Dr. Kaufman very eloquently points out the different factors that go into plastic surgery cost. Even if he did a procedure for “free” (not charging his professional fee for services provided directly by him), there are still the plastic surgery costs associated with operating room fees and anesthesia fees. Not to mention the fees for any implants used, postop garments and cosmetic insurance to name just a few.


Even if the plastic surgeon owns his own operating room, he still has to pay the salaries of the OR personnel and the anesthesiologist. Obviously, just because the plastic surgeon has agreed to do the surgery for their friend for free, the OR personnel and anesthesiologist don’t necessarily know the patient and probably won’t be in the same generous mood when it comes to giving their services pro bono!


If you are trying to determine all of the costs that go into common plastic surgery procedures, you can access the 2013 Plastic Surgery Pricing Report, found here.  The total estimated prices found in this report include physician fees, OR fees, implants and all of the other ancillary fees mentioned above.  The prices represent averages in regions across the country as well as overall U.S. averages.  If you want to know specific total pricing information for a doctor near you, click here.


You no longer have to go to your plastic surgeon without having a ballpark idea of all of the costs that go into plastic surgery. All of the information you’ve been looking for is finally here!



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