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firm mediaDr. Robert Schwartz of Dallas and Jason Hall of Knoxville, TN recently signed on with BuildMyBod Health and integrated the Price Estimator into their site with the help of their digital marketing provider, Firm Media.


What makes Firm Media different?

See how Firm Media seamlessly embedded the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator into Dr. Schwartz’ website here and Dr. Hall’s website here.


Since coming on board, Dr. Schwartz has received an average of 34.5 wishlists per month (a wishlist includes the consumer’s name, email address, phone number and ZIP code) and Dr. Hall has received an average of 60 wishlists per month!


Based on the BuildMyBod Health study published in this peer-reviewed journal, here are some other statistics. Of the leads submitted over the course of a year, 17.8% of consumers that submit wishlists come in for a consultation. Of those that come in, 62% book a procedure or service. BuildMyBod Health found that price-aware patients are 41% more likely to book a procedure or service than non price-aware patients. That could be the difference between a lot of productive vs wasted consults.


Make it clear where your BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator appears on your site

If you go to the landing page of either Dr. Schwartz or Dr. Hall, you’ll notice one common trait from the Firm Media team. They’ve prominently placed a Pricing tab at the top of the home page that takes you directly to the pricing page.


Some developers we work with make no mention of the pricing tab on the home page. By burying the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator, the consumers can’t find this wealth of information. And if they can’t find the Estimator, they can’t submit a wishlist. If they can’t submit a wishlist, the doctor doesn’t get any leads!


I’ll give web developers the benefit of the doubt that their physician clients may request that the Estimator not be featured so prominently. That may seem oxymoronic to not place your greatest lead generation tool in a prominent place, but some doctors fear that putting pricing in a visible location may lead consumers to focus more on price than the doctor’s ability.


This is short sighted. Obviously the patient should not make their decision about cosmetic surgery based solely on price. But we’re kidding ourselves if we think consumers don’t care about price. Price, as I like to say, is the ultimate pain point. It’s not the only pain point but, in the end, if they can’t afford it, they can’t get the procedure of their dreams!


So when you’re looking for a digital marketing provider, ask yourself, is my digital marketing provider using the latest technology to get me as many actionable leads as possible each month?! Firm Media does!


Want to learn more about Firm Media or the BuildMyBod Health Price Estimator? Click on the respective links!



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