Breast Implants – Now 30% Lighter!

Have you ever thought to yourself, I would like to get a breast augmentation but breast implants are just too damn heavy?! Well, now you can get a lighter breast implant! 30% lighter. Of course I’m joking to some extent because the weight of the implant isn’t the first concern most women have but I think there is some legitimacy to this new implant.


An Israeli sibling team have invented the B-Lite, a lighter breast implant. Through a patented process, they have bonded silicone molecules typically used in breast implants but in a way that allows the implant to be lighter. They’re mum on the process but they have started using it in clinical trials.


When asked in the interview below, Dr. Jacky Govrin, the plastic surgery half of the brotherly duo that invented the implant, says that they will start selling the implants, once approved, in Europe, followed by Asia and South America. Notice that in the interview, he doesn’t mentioned the US. My guess is that’s because of the overwhelming expense of bringing a new breast implant to market here, considering the litigious nature of silicone implants in the past. [refresh your browser if the video isn’t visible below]



The lack of women specifically asking for a lighter breast implant notwithstanding, a lighter implant may have potential advantages. Over time, implants can weigh down the breast, producing ptosis, or a droop to the breast. While this can only be proven in a clinical trial over several years, it would be interesting to see if breast ptosis, or droop, occurred at a slower pace with the B-Lite, lightweight implants. My guess is that the brother’s are spending their money testing the safety of the implants first and will then delve into the subject of breast ptosis.


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