Stretch Marks Treatment for Kim Kardashian

stretch marks
Kim Kardashian receiving laser treatment for stretch marks

Last night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (yes, I watch it with my wife) touched on the treatment of Kim’s stretch marks after pregnancy. As I discussed in this previous post, nothing really works. Sorry laser companies, sorry skin cream companies!


While some creams can temporarily fade stretch marks with, more or less, an optical illusion using light refraction, no non-surgical treatment works to permanently remove them as of yet. If you have stretch marks of the lower abdomen, you could conceivably have a tummy tuck that removes your lower abdominal skin and in turn remove your stretch marks (see below) but that’s a surgical treatment that most people don’t want. Plus, there’s no guarantee that you can remove all of the affected skin. And don’t forget, you’ll have a big scar across your lower abdomen!


stretch marks


So if you just bought a package of laser treatments or skin creams for your stretch marks, I’m afraid I’m the bearer of bad news!



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