Breast Augmentation Video

breast augmentation
Patient with tight breast skin before and after breast augmentation with shaped implants.

Here, in another installment of our surgical video library, we review three potential risks of breast augmentation surgery. Not only will we discuss the risks, we’ll show you how to avoid them via a GoPro head-mounted video camera.


A breast augmentation can be a very straightforward procedure in the right hands. The important thing about breast augmentation, and any procedure for that matter, is not only knowing how to do the operation, but also knowing how not to do the operation!


The patient in this video was unhappy with the deflated appearance of her breasts after having kids. While this could be an appropriate patient for a breast augmentation and lift, the patient did not want the additional scars associated with a breast lift. So she agreed to have only an augmentation, understanding that to give the breast the best shape without a lift, a larger implant would be necessary.


When you decide on a larger implant, one risk is “bottoming out” of the implant. This means the implant falls below the natural fold below the breast. Referred to as the inframammary fold, this is a natural landmark that you do not want to disturb. A “tacking” stitch can be placed within the incision of the fold that will help support the implant so that it doesn’t bottom out. Two other risks associated with a breast augmentation, regardless of size of implant, is infection and capsular contracture.


The meaning of infection is pretty obvious but what is capsular contracture? Anytime you have breast implants, your body forms a capsule within the breast, around the implant. It’s just a natural response of the body to a foreign object. Sometimes the capsule can get so thick that it deforms the implant and the breast – capsular contracture. While capsular contracture can be due to many things, we’re confident that excess bleeding during the operation, implants being placed on top of the muscle instead of underneath the muscle and infection, are major risk factors.


To avoid infection, preoperative antibiotics are given to the patient and the implants and breast implant pocket within the breast are cleansed with an antibiotic solution. By reducing infection, this also reduces the risk of capsular contracture.


Breast Augmentation with GoPro


Hope you enjoyed the video and if you want to check pricing on a breast augmentation from a doctor near you, click here. You can also watch our whole library of surgical videos here.



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