Breast asymmetry correction with implants and lift

breast asymmetry correction

breast asymmetry correction

Breast asymmetry correction is one of the most complex breast procedures around. The complexity is due to the myriad of ways to fix the asymmetry. It’s not just a matter of size, but also of shape. And then you have to get the nipple in a symmetrical position!


Video of breast asymmetry correction

As the video shows, there are many steps to correcting breast asymmetry. First you must identify the problem. Is it only a size discrepancy or a ptotic (droop) issue. Based on the discrepancy, the surgical plan will proceed from there.


The key to success is ensuring a cohesive plan preoperatively. Having a range of breast implants available to improve size symmetry is important. But you may also need to use different techniques for the breast lift to improve symmetry between the nipple position.


This means a “donut” lift to reduce the size of one areola to match the other. It may mean a “lollipop” lift to shift the areola northward. Or it may mean a more extensive “anchor” lift to shorten the distance between the nipple to the inframammary fold. Again, there are many variables and steps to achieving success. Experience matters.


And while experience is key, obviously cost is a realistic matter to take into account. To check pricing on this procedure from a doctor near you, click here.



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