Kelsey’s rant (kelseykaplanfashion on IG): What to look for in your doctor

kelsey kaplan fashion

kelsey kaplan fashionI don’t know what got her going but my wife, Kelsey, or kelseykaplanfashion on Instagram, went on a humorous tirade on what to look for in a plastic surgeon. It’s her 5 standards that lead to THE gold standard in choosing your doctor. Check out the video and listicle below!


The Gold Standard of what to look for in a doctor by Kelsey Kaplan Fashion

1. Board certified in the specialty they’re treating you for

Seems obvious but you want a doctor that’s actually board certified in the field of medicine they’re practicing. For example, if they’re performing a plastic surgery procedure on you, they should be board certified in plastic surgery.


2. Transparent with their pricing

It’s insane that you can’t find out how much a healthcare procedure or service costs ahead of time. In the future, we’ll look back on this lack of price transparency and wonder how it was ever like that. We need Price TransCAREncy! Doctors that are pro-price transparency are on the the right side of history. The future will prove it!


3. Has their own operating room

A Harvard study showed that doctors who consistently operate with the same team have fewer complications. That doesn’t mean you have to have your own operating room, just the same team. But if you have your own operating room, you’ll have the same team!


4. Posts on Instagram Stories and Snapchat

You should be able to get to know your doctor. They’re attitude, personality and surgical acumen. There’s no better way to learn this than through their very own “reality show” on Instagram Stories or Snapchat.


5. Has some non-5 star reviews

You can’t please everyone. So if someone has no non-5 star reviews, they’re paying for them. Ask anyone that specializes in online reputation. All 5-star reviews is a charade, a facade. You can’t legitimately have 100% 5-star reviews. Now, you shouldn’t have too many non-5 star reviews but where that line is drawn is up for discussion.


Video of Kelsey Kaplan Fashion on The Gold Standard when looking for a doctor

Be prepared, it’s pretty funny!



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